Weeding potatoes by motoblock


Many have already appreciated the benefits of working with a motor cultivator. This is a universal technique that has become simply indispensable for housekeeping. With it, you can perform a huge amount of robot on your site. Motoblock quickly and effectively prepares the ground and copes with other tasks. For example, many gardeners make weeding potatoes with a walker. They can also very conveniently and quickly spud the bushes. For this there is a huge number of attachments and accessories. In this article we will see how the weeding of the potatoes is carried out by the motor-block.

The advantages of working with walk-behind tractor

Gardeners have long adapted to the motor-blocks and almost all the procedures for growing potatoes are performed by them. For example, a walk-behind tractor does an excellent job with the following tasks:

  • plowing;
  • planting potatoes;
  • weeding;
  • hilling of potato bushes;
  • harvesting.

And this is only those works that directly relate to potatoes. In addition, owners of motor cultivators can mow grass and other manipulations. Further, in the article we will consider special devices for weeding potatoes.

Paws for weeding potatoes

Most often, weeding potatoes is carried out using special paws. This is one of the simplest, but very effective fixtures. They are easy to install and store. Paws gently handle the soil, without touching the root system of vegetable crops. The main thing in this business is to set the depth correctly. For a looser soil, a depth of about 4 cm is suitable, and for trampled and dense soil, you will need to set the device 7 cm deep.

Important! It is necessary to firmly secure the paws with the help of special mounts.

The width between the legs is set depending on the width of the furrow. At the same time one paw should be located slightly behind. Due to this, the space between the legs will not be clogged. There are several types of paws:

  • pointed;
  • unilateral;
  • two way.

Weeding by the motor-block by means of ploskorez-propolnik

The following device is not less popular. Ploskorez is a special attachment for tillage and removal of weeds from the top layer of soil. With it, you can prepare the plot for planting, or simply handle the aisle. There are flat cuts with special drums for throwing off weeds and simple ones with ordinary knives.

During the weeding of the potatoes by the motoblock, the wheels must be in the furrows. While the tiller is moving, the knives gradually cut off all the weeds from the row spacing, and the drum pushes them back. It is also very important to consider the age of the weeds. While they are not yet deeply rooted and strengthened, it will be much easier to remove them. But adult and strong plants will succumb far from each adaptation.

Important! The same method can be used to weed up not only potatoes, but also other crops.

Hedgehog for potato weeding

The hedgehog is a special attachment that consists of rings of different sizes. They are placed in the shape of a cone. On the rings are spikes or teeth, which plow the land. Hedgehogs should be installed on a motor-cultivator with a slight bias. It is very convenient when the device is made of rings. Sometimes there are homemade hedgehogs from steel discs. In this case, the soil along with the weeds accumulates between them, while the holes in the rings allow the waste to fall to the ground.

In fact, hedgehogs are a smaller version of large rotary harrows. These devices work on the same principle. Hedgehogs are slightly submerged in the soil and rotated, thereby loosening the soil and removing weeds from it.

Weeding harrow

A large number of gardeners argue that the best weeding between the rows of potatoes and the walker is carried out using a special mounted structure. It consists of a frame and a grid with sharp teeth. This type of harrow can be called dragging. Each cell in the grid has a length of about 20 cm. The most common cells are rectangular, hexagonal and square in shape. The harrow perfectly weeds between the weeds and loosens the upper layer of soil a little.

Attention! When the teeth are staggered, weeding the garden will be more efficient.


Now you know exactly how you can use the cultivator for weeding potatoes. This universal device allows you to perform a large amount of work on your site. With it you can weed and spud potatoes, as well as other vegetable crops. Such processing of the site takes little time and power savings. The one who once tried to use a motor-cultivator, will no longer want to return to the usual hoe. In the video below you will be able to see how the weeding of potatoes is carried out with a hedgehog motoblock.