How to plant carrots on toilet paper


Many garden crops deliver troubles with sowing. These include carrots. Small seeds are difficult to sow evenly, then you have to thin out the seedlings. In some places, obtained bald spots. Gardeners are always looking for ways to plant carrots qualitatively, at the same time simplifying work on the ground and saving their time. Among such finds are sowing carrot seeds on toilet paper or on tape.

To understand why this method has gained popularity, you should focus on its advantages:

  1. The most attractive feature - there is no need for thinning shoots. This operation takes a lot of time. And if you have to do thinning under the scorching sun, it is also unpleasant. In the case of belt landing, the need for thinning is either completely eliminated or this action is carried out very quickly.
  2. Good adhesion to the ground. If, after sowing carrots in the traditional way, a heavy rain falls, then many seeds are simply washed away with water. But when they are planted on a ribbon, this trouble does not threaten you, and you do not need to replant the carrots.

But, as with any technique, sow carrots on the tape must be correct.

Rules for extraordinary sowing of root vegetables

How to plant carrots on the tape, so as not to be disappointed in the result. Any technology requires training. In our case, it will be necessary to prepare the soil, the seeds, to glue them on the tape. Modern producers of seed produce seeds on the tape in the production version. Therefore, we begin with the preparation of the soil, since this stage is always necessary.

Land preparation

You need to start a couple of weeks before sowing carrots on the tape. The soil is carefully loosened to a depth of 10 cm and immediately leveled with a rake. Such training will be enough if you dug up this area in the fall. If you recently became the owner and do not know what manipulations were carried out with the soil in the fall, then dig the soil on the spade bayonet with the addition of 1/3 of the recommended dose of complex mineral fertilizer.

Important! Do not make manure under the beds with carrots.

Planting carrots on tape

Rumble the soil again and make the grooves.

It is enough to pave them with a depth of about 2 cm with a spade handle. Spill the ground well with water, then place tapes of carrot seeds on the bottom of the groove. The tape is once again well watered and sprinkled with dry earth. Laying tape or toilet paper carried out so that the seeds were on top.

Some growers sow carrots without sticking seeds on the tape. They put a strip of toilet paper (thin) on the bottom of the groove, gently spread the seeds on top, cover with a second strip and sprinkle with earth. Layers of paper and earth gently moisten.

Important! If a small layer of the prepared compost is laid on the bottom of the groove, the germination of the carrot will increase significantly.

In the absence of rain, often water the beds. If there is enough rain, just make sure that the soil does not dry out.

Bought carrot seeds on tape do not require pre-treatment. They are simply sown in the ground by laying the strip. But not always a favorite or suitable variety can be found on sale in this form. Therefore, summer residents prepare themselves planting material on toilet paper with their own hands.

We prepare a tape for landing

For sticking carrot seeds you need a paper with a loose texture. The toilet tape or strips from the newspaper is well suited.

However, newsprint for carrots is not the best option. This is easily explained by the presence of paint components that negatively affect the culture. Therefore, we will focus on toilet paper.

It is cut into strips 2 cm wide, choose your own length. You can put several pieces in one furrow, you can cut long strips. The paper is ready, we proceed to the preparation of carrot seeds for sticking.

Pre-perform calibration (screening). In a saline solution (1 tsp. Salt in a glass of water), place the carrot seeds and mix. Surges are removed, and only those that sink to the bottom are selected for sowing. The next stage is washing the seeds with clean water and drying.

While the seeds are drying, prepare a paste. Cook it either from flour or from starch.

Potato Starch Option

For half a liter of finished paste you need:

  • bring to the boil 400 ml of plain water (turn off the heat);
  • additionally 2 tablespoons of starch dissolved in 100 ml of warm water, constantly stirring;
  • again bring the water to a boil and pour a thin stream of stirred starch.

The finished composition should not be thick.

Using flour

In the enamel container cook flour paste in the ratio of 1 tbsp. spoon flour and 100 ml of water.

How is the process of sticking carrot seeds on toilet paper? There are two options:

  1. Lower the match into the paste after cooling. Then touch the seed and transfer it to the paper with the same match with a drop of glue. Seeds are glued at a distance of 4-5 cm from each other.
  2. On paper, place droplets of paste at the same distance, and then drop carrot seeds into a drop with a match.

Dry tape after sticking during the day. After drying, they can be removed before planting.

This way is very popular with many gardeners, but everyone sows in his own way. If you prefer coated seeds or the traditional method of planting carrots, this is also good. But the described method of sowing on the ribbon, greatly simplifies the process of care for the culture. Seeds are glued at an equal distance, which saves gardeners from the first thinning of carrot beds. In the future, see that the roots grow at a distance of not less than 3 cm from each other.

Caring for carrots sown on tape is no different from classic. Watering - as required, loosening and weeding. Feed carrots enough for the season just twice. The first feeding in a month after emergence of shoots, then the second time - in two months.

An interesting way of sticking seeds on a napkin

In this case, you immediately form your garden bed. Arrange the seeds at a distance of 5 cm from each other, and your garden is ready.

To feed carrots immediately at the time of sowing, you can add mineral fertilizer to the paste. One tablespoon per liter of liquid is enough.


In order to properly conduct carrot sowing on the tape, it is good to watch a video with explanations of each action. Summer residents are happy to share their new products, so the video instruction is always useful.