What are the most productive cucumbers for greenhouses


Each owner of the greenhouse has its own idea of ​​the yield of cucumbers. It is difficult to meet the same opinions of specialists on the same variety, so it is difficult for a beginner gardener to decide on the choice of seed material. Having collected a huge mass of information, tips, reviews, we will try to identify the crop varieties of cucumbers for greenhouses, and we hope that this information will help many gardeners.

Classification of greenhouse varieties

As well as other greenhouse crops, cucumbers have their own classification by ripening and harvesting. All varieties are divided into three main groups:

  • winter and spring;
  • spring-summer;
  • summer-autumn.

In turn, each of the groups is divided into subgroups according to the time of fruit ripening:

  • early;
  • medium;
  • late

But that's not all. According to the method of pollination, varieties are classified into self-pollinating and pollinated by insects. In the first species there is another name - parthenocarpic.

Some owners of greenhouses, growing cucumbers for sale, try to keep up with the high yield, without paying special attention to another classification - the appointment of a vegetable. This is extremely wrong, because depending on why a person buys cucumbers depends on their demand.

To destination cucumbers are classified:

  • for conservation:
  • universal;
  • for salads.

Considering each type, it is necessary to conclude that cucumbers for preservation are distinguished by a thin skin and the presence of a sweet aftertaste. In turn, lettuce cucumbers have a thick upper shell, which is unacceptable for salting.

Important! Canned cucumbers can be used not only for pickles, but also just to eat or cook different dishes from them. Salad varieties have only one purpose - eating without thermal or any other processing.

The optimum hothouse grade for many gardeners is considered universal. Such cucumbers are suitable for salting, cooking any dishes and just for eating fresh. This type includes early-ripening variety "Marta". He is a high-yielding, and the appearance of the first fruits comes on the 37th day after planting in the ground.

Rating of high-yielding varieties

To find out what the most high-yielding greenhouse cucumber varieties are today, we turned to experienced gardeners for help and ranked them according to their recommendations.

"Zozulya F1"

Hybrid Zozulya F1 Refers to partnerocarpic form. Differs in precocity, as the first ovary begins on the forty-second day after landing in the ground. Weaving bushes are distinguished by pentagonal bright green leaves of small size. Sheet corners are slightly rounded. Bushes give flowers of female type. Cylindrical fruit ovary has a smooth surface with a weak protrusion of the hillocks. The finished vegetable has a glossy bright green color, a faint white edge and a rare manifestation of pimples.

According to professionals, the hybrid is considered the most fruitful among this subgroup. The fruit is characterized by good taste and weighs on average 250-320 g. If we talk about the destination, the hybrid is universal. Cucumber is suitable for both pickling and salads.

Dignity consists in plentiful and amicable fructification. The plant is resistant to white and root rot, the formation of spotting, fungal diseases.

"Herman F1"

The next in the ranking is the early hybrid of the parthenocarpic species "Herman". After landing in the ground, fruiting begins at about the forty-fifth day. Tall bushes are distinguished by weak weaving. During flowering, one node forms up to six ovaries. The plant is resistant to downy mildew, cladosporia and mosaic virus.

Mature dark green fruits with a white edge have a length of not more than 12 cm and a weight of 120 to 180 g. Cucumber does not accumulate bitterness in the hot period, has a dense structure, which has crisp qualities. The fruit is covered with a large number of prickly pimples.

The variety "Herman" can be called universal. Due to the absence of bitterness, the cucumber goes well for pickling, for cooking or just for salad.

"Courage F1"

The self-pollinating variety is distinguished by the predominance of female flowers and high yield. This allowed him to take third place in the ranking, according to professionals, among greenhouse cucumbers. Tall plants have an average weaving index. It tolerates major fungal diseases.

The first ovary after landing in the ground and shoots appears on the fifty-fifth day. During flowering, one node forms up to seven ovaries. The adult fruit has an elongated shape with light green stripes and spikes of white. With a maximum length of 16 cm can weigh from 130 to 170 g.

Cucumber stands out for its excellent taste without bitterness, is not prone to over-ripening and has small seeds.

Attention! "Courage" is suitable for growing not only in the greenhouse. Cucumber feels great in the open field, but the yield is reduced several times.

"Masha F1"

The early parthenocapic hybrid belongs to the cornish type. An adult plant is covered only by female flowers, of which bundle ovaries appear. The plant is distinguished by an average weaving index and is resistant to the disease of cladozpirosis, powdery mildew and mosaic virus.

The variety is distinguished by a high yield of small fruits. The maximum size of the gherkin reaches 11 cm. The dense fruit has crispy qualities and has a sweetish taste without bitterness. "Masha" is considered the best for preservation and salting.

Finding out which greenhouse cucumbers are the most high-yielding, a number of varieties of Dutch producers should be noted. Most of them belong to the self-pollinating mind. Delicious, bitter-free fruit is suitable for preservation and fresh consumption. Dutch varieties have good yield and resistance to parasites and common diseases.

The best, according to experts, for greenhouses are considered varieties "Pasedena F1", "Santana F1", "Ceres F1". Their advantage in abundant fruiting over a long period. The fruit is characterized by good taste and perfectly preserved for a long time without loss of presentation.

Lovers of exotic cucumbers can be advised Chinese varieties for greenhouses. The most popular of them are: “Chinese miracle”, “Chinese white”, and “Chinese snakes”. Plants are very rarely amenable to disease, easy to maintain and very productive. On taste will please even the inveterate gourmets.

Opinion gardeners amateur

Considering the rating of the most productive greenhouse cucumber varieties, it is impossible to bypass the amateur gardeners. It is according to their reviews that most opinions about a particular variety are formed. Let's find out which high-yielding varieties please simple gardeners who have small greenhouses.

The most fruitful varieties

In this category, lovers distinguish three varieties:

  • The grade "Tumi" differs in endurance and a thin skin of a fruit. From the bush gives 12 kg of crop.
  • The previously considered variety "Courage F1" among fans is the most popular for growing. Up to 25 kg of crop can be removed from the bush.
  • In third place is the early hybrid "Amur F1". Depending on leaving from a bush collect from 30 to 50 kg.

The earliest of the high-yielding

Fans of early harvests distinguish the variety "Zozulya F1" and "Masha F1". From the bushes the first harvest can already be collected in 48-50 days. The Dutch hybrid Hector F1 is not inferior in popularity. Its fruits are suitable for preservation and cooking.

The most delicious among high-yielding

For taste among high-yielding greenhouse varieties, gardeners prefer the hybrids “German F1”, “Prestige F1” and “Ecole F1”. Varieties give up to 25 kg of yield from the bush. Cucumbers are characterized as tender, crunchy and do not need to be soaked before salting.

On the video you can see an overview of high-yielding varieties: