Salty Black Milk: 11 Recipes


Milk mushrooms are mysterious mushrooms that are considered inedible all over the world because of the acrid milky juice that stands out from their pulp. But in Russia they have long been valued on a par with boletus mushrooms, and salted milk mushrooms were a delicacy worthy of a royal table. Salting black milk mushrooms is no more difficult than any other species. The taste of a more decent snack is hard to imagine, and the mushrooms change to black in pickles for noble dark cherry.

How to salt black milk mushrooms

Among experienced mushroom pickers, black milk mushrooms have many "home" names and one of the most affectionate and common ones is chernushki. The thickest, densest and fleshy caps have mushrooms that have grown among hardwood trees. Blacks from coniferous forests are distinguished by thinner hats. Although these mushrooms appear from mid-July until the second half of October, it is best to collect them from the end of August and the entire first half of autumn. The fact is that black milk mushrooms that have grown in heat are poorly stored, often moldy when salted. And mushrooms, collected in cold weather, have a brighter taste and better preservation.

For salting black peasants at home, it is important to choose the right dishes.

Important! In no case should galvanized, copper or aluminum containers be used to prepare salted mushrooms. Not suitable as plastic and ceramic dishes.

Best for the manufacture of salted mushrooms fit traditional wooden barrels and tubs, as well as enamel or glassware. The latter should be thoroughly washed with soda and dried well in the oven at high temperatures.

There will be a little more fussing with wooden containers. In any case, they must be soaked in water for several days, so that the wood can swell and become waterproof. New oak tubs should be soaked for at least 2 weeks to completely remove tannins, from which both the mushrooms themselves and the brine can turn black.

In addition, oak tubs are washed with a stiff brush and spilled with boiling solution with the addition of caustic soda (5 g per 1 liter of water), and fumigated with sulfur. Only in this case, you can be completely confident in the destruction of all bacteria that have accumulated in the cracks of the tub.

Before the Black Salt Ambassador, you must first sort the mushrooms by size. If possible, mushrooms of different sizes are salted separately from each other. If this is not possible to implement, the large mushrooms are cut into several pieces. For salting is usually used only mushroom caps.

Tip! The legs should not be thrown away - you can make delicious mushroom caviar from them.

As the blacks grow in the thick of the forest floor, a lot of natural litter is collected on them. Therefore, the procedure for their removal of garbage is very important. To thoroughly remove all contaminants, a sponge, a stiff brush, and even a kitchen knife are used when the most difficult areas are to be scraped off.

At the end of the procedure, cleaned mushrooms are washed well under running water, finally removing all the smallest contaminants.

It is time to decide on the method of salting chernushki. There are two of them: hot and cold. The first, faster, involves the obligatory boiling of mushrooms. Applying the cold method of salting salmon, do without heat treatment, so the mushrooms are especially tasty, crispy and healthy. Of course, the cold method involves spending more time making salted mushrooms. But many hostesses, nevertheless, choose him, because he gives the following advantages:

  1. In the cold way, it is especially convenient to salt a large number of mushrooms, especially when using wooden tubs.
  2. If the harvest of mushrooms is collected gradually, over a period of several weeks, then only the cold method makes it possible to salt the crumbs in one container, gradually adding them there as they are received from the forest.
  3. For people who are demanding to the appearance of the finished snack, it is the cold method that will be the best, since for it, if possible, whole and dense, old mushrooms are selected.
  4. Finally, the most patient will be rewarded with a completely unique taste of salty mushrooms, in which all healthy ingredients remain unchanged.
  5. And only milk mushrooms, salted in a cold way, can boast an attractive crunchiness and density.

How to soak black milk mushrooms before salting

In order to get rid of the bitterness and causticity of the milky juice in chernushki, there are only two ways: soaking and boiling. Salt black gruzd without boiling can only be cold. Therefore, the soaking procedure is mandatory for such salting.

Peeled and finally washed mushrooms pour cold water so that it covers them entirely. From above, they can be covered with a flat dish so that they are completely in the aquatic environment. Sometimes 10 g of salt and 2 g of citric acid per liter are sometimes added to water, but mushrooms can be soaked without additives. The most important thing is that water must be constantly replaced with fresh water. It is best to do this 2 times a day.

Soak black milk mushrooms before salting can be from 24 hours to 5 days. The exact time depends on the size of the mushrooms, on their age and sometimes on where they grew. On average, the soaking period lasts from 2 to 3 days. After a few days, you can cut off a small piece of mushroom pulp and taste it. It is better to spit out a piece. If frank bitterness is no longer felt, then we can safely proceed to further salting.

Another sign of readiness for further salinization is that the exchangeable water remains light, but foam appears on it. On the first day of soaking, the water in the mushrooms quickly darkens.

Important! If mushrooms are soaked in a room at elevated temperatures, foam may also occur. In this case, the mushrooms should be washed under running water and change the water more often.

How to pickle black milk mushrooms to be crispy

For lovers of salty crunchy mushrooms, any recipe for salting black mushrooms in the cold way is ideal. Only in this way can you get dense, and not mushroom mushrooms. Moreover, cold-salted milk mushrooms have the ability to preserve their crisp properties for a long time - up to 6-8 months when stored in suitable conditions. Also, crunchiness of salted mushrooms is given by leaves of oak, cherry and horseradish.

Cold salted black milk mushrooms according to the traditional recipe

The traditional recipe for making salty mushrooms is the use of many spicy and aromatic additives that complement and improve the taste of mushrooms. It will be easy for a newbie to add some black milk mushrooms even if you use the following step-by-step recipe.

Would need:

  • 10 kg fresh chernushki;
  • 500 g of coarse rock salt;
  • 20 inflorescences of dill with seeds;
  • 40 g black peppercorns;
  • 30 pieces of leaves of black currant, cherry and horseradish.

The cold cooking process consists of the following steps:

  1. Mushrooms pick and clean debris, cutting out rotten and moldy places if necessary.
  2. Hats are separated from the legs, leaving just a couple of centimeters.
  3. Mushrooms are soaked in large, wide containers for 2 to 5 days.
  4. After soaking, they are washed under running water.
  5. Prepare suitable for salting capacity - pot, jar, bucket.
  6. All green seasonings are washed and dried.
  7. The bottom of the selected container is covered with a small amount of horseradish leaves, currants and cherries with dill inflorescences. Important! Cherry leaves, in their absence, can be replaced with bay leaves.
  8. Lay a layer of mushrooms, about 5-7 cm thick, legs up, sprinkle with salt and a mixture of spices on top.
  9. In this way, lay down layer by layer until the mushrooms run out.
  10. The top layer is sprinkled with salt most abundantly.
  11. From above it can be additionally covered with a sheet of horseradish.
  12. Cover milk mushrooms with gauze or another cotton fabric, press the top with a wooden circle on which the load is placed. As a cargo, the easiest way to use a glass jar filled with water.
  13. Capacity with salted chernushki placed in a cool room for 40-60 days.
  14. Within a few hours after salting, the mushrooms will start up the juice and, if there is enough salt, they will be completely covered with saline. If the liquid level is not high, then it is necessary to top up the salt solution (30 g per 1 l of water).
  15. After a few days, the salted milk mushrooms should settle slightly and, if desired, fresh, previously soaked chernushki can be added to them for pickling.
  16. Before 40 days after pickling, tasting chernushki is not recommended, since all this time there is a final removal of bitterness from mushrooms.
  17. If there is a mold on the surface of the fabric cloth or mushrooms, it is necessary to throw out the top layer, boil gauze, and add a little vodka into the container with black salted masks.
  18. Fully salted mushrooms should be folded into a clean and sterilized jar, covered with a conventional plastic cap and placed in a cold storage place.

How to pickle black milk mushrooms with dill and garlic

According to this recipe, the technology of salting black saddlers for the winter does not fundamentally differ from the traditional cold method. In the mushrooms usually add a basket of dill, along with the seeds. If you cannot find fresh inflorescences of dill, you can simply use dry dill seeds. At 10 kg nhernushki need a few tablespoons of seeds.

The aroma of garlic can easily kill the aroma of forest peasants, so it is rarely used in pickling. Some seasoned mushroom pickers recommend adding it to already prepared salted mushrooms. But if you want to make mushrooms with the aroma of garlic, its slices are cut into small pieces and added at the beginning of the process, along with spices. On 1 kg of mushrooms add 3-4 slices of garlic.

Black salted pickles with horseradish leaves, currants and cherries

The leaves of all three plants are traditionally used in the manufacture of salted chernushki in a cold way. Black currant leaves add flavor. Cherry leaves add strength and fragility. And the leaves of horseradish add spiciness and preserve the dense structure of salty mushrooms.

Cold pickling of black wetlands with oak and currant leaves

If it is possible to find oak leaves for salting chernushkas, then we can assume that the process will take place under almost the same conditions as hundreds of years ago. Indeed, in those days, exclusively oak barrels were used to make salted mushrooms, which gave unpretentious savory taste and fragile elasticity to ready-made pickles. And the use of black currant leaves will complete the overall picture of harmonious aromas and flavors.

At 10 kg of salvage you will need:

  • 400 g of salt;
  • 30-40 oak leaves;
  • 40-50 leaves of black currant with sprigs.

How to salt black milk mushrooms in a cold way with horseradish root and cabbage leaves

It will take:

  • 5 kg of chernushki;
  • 8 large and strong leaves of cabbage;
  • 220 g of salt;
  • 1 large sized horseradish root;
  • 20 inflorescences of dill;
  • 20 leaves of cherry and black currant;
  • 1 garlic head.
Attention! Cabbage will give the mushrooms extra juiciness, and with horseradish - the original taste.

Cooking salted and crunchy black milk mushrooms in this recipe in a cold way is a snap:

  1. Peeled and sifted milk mushrooms are poured with salt water (20 g per 1 l of water) for 3-4 hours.
  2. Then the mushrooms are washed and poured them with ordinary water for 5-8 hours.
  3. Cabbage leaves are cut into several large pieces.
  4. Horseradish root and garlic are peeled and cut into thin slices.
  5. In cooked dishes, they are placed with caps down soaked mushrooms in layers, as thick as two caps, shifting layers with horseradish, garlic and cherry leaves with currants.
  6. Cabbage leaves are placed on top of the last layer, on which a wooden circle is placed, and a heavy load is placed on it.
  7. Leave a container of mushrooms for 2 days at room temperature. During this period, mix mushrooms at least 2-3 times.
  8. Then put salty milk mushrooms tightly in clean and dry sterile jars, pour out the separated juice and place in a refrigerator or other cold place for 2 months.
  9. After this period, salty chernushki can be considered ready.

How to pickle black milk mushrooms with onions in a cold way

Onions are an excellent addition to any kinds of mushrooms when salting, and chernushki are no exception.

Prepare mushrooms in the traditional recipe in a cold way, using the following components:

  • one 10-liter bucket of milk mushrooms;
  • 330 g of salt;
  • 5-6 large onion bulbs.

How to salt at home black milk mushrooms with cloves

In the same cold way, you can salt the blacks with the addition of carnations. In this simple recipe for salting black mushrooms, only a few components are used:

  • 10 kg of chernushki;
  • 45-50 g of coarse salt;
  • 25 buds of carnations.

A simple recipe for black salted salmon cold method

And for lovers of the natural taste of mushrooms, the following recipe will be interesting, in which nothing is used except salmon and salt itself. After all, blacks have their own unique, slightly tart and resinous flavor.

The concentration of brine is used maximum: for 1 kg of mushrooms at least 50 g of salt. The rest of the cooking technology is no different from the traditional.

Black milk mushrooms: cold salting in Altai

In Altai, cherries have been engaged in pickling for many centuries and use the following ingredients for cooking:

  • 10 kg of masks;
  • 500 g of salt;
  • 20 umbrellas of dill;
  • 5 heads of garlic;
  • 5 tbsp. l black pepper and sweet peas;
  • 20 buds carnations.

The process of cooking salted mushrooms in a cold way is traditional and consists of pre-soaking and subsequent unfolding of mushrooms in layers, shifting them with spices. Mushrooms should be salted for about a month under oppression in a cool room. The only thing that needs to be controlled is that the salted milk mushrooms are constantly covered with liquid brine, otherwise the appearance of mold is possible.

Cold pickling black lemon juice with citric acid

Citric acid can be added to black sods and before soaking them for salting, and during the salting process itself, after the mushrooms under the weight of the press produce enough juice. The addition of citric acid contributes to a better preservation of wetlands and faster salting.

10 kg Chernushkas added 35 g of citric acid.

The rules of storage of black salted, salted cold

Black mushrooms, salted in the cold way, are stored at a temperature of + 2 ° C to + 8 ° C. If storage occurs at higher temperatures, it is highly likely that they will become sour and even moldy.

Allow freezing of salted mushrooms is also impossible, because it leads to loss of shape and disintegration into small pieces.


Salt black milk mushrooms for the winter should be able to any hostess, because this traditional Russian snack will help and decorate the festive table, and help to cope with some diseases.