Pouring viburnum at home: a recipe


This plant is beautiful at any time of the year. Viburnum in bloom is very effective, and it blooms for a long time. It is also good at the time of ripening of berries, completely covered with bright ruby ​​tassels, which hang on the bushes even during the winter. Very fond of viburnum birds. And not without reason, since beauty is far from its only virtue. In this plant, everything is healing - from the bark to the berries.

She has been treated by people for a long time. This affordable medicine is effective in many diseases. It will help to cope with the following problems:

  • high blood pressure;
  • gastritis and peptic ulcer;
  • high blood sugar;
  • various inflammations of internal organs;
  • skin problems;
  • kidney disease;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system;
  • tendency to bleeding vessels;
  • difficulty falling asleep, fatigue, neurosis.

Agree, the list is quite impressive. The berry is good for everyone, but it will not be possible to save it for a long time. But you can make a useful tincture or liqueur.

Attention! Before you begin treatment with viburnum, be sure to consult with your doctor. In some diseases, it is contraindicated.

Well, for those to whom it is suitable - recipes for which the filling of viburnum at home is prepared easily and simply.

Our far ancestors were still cured with the help of this recipe. It was also good for the prevention of possible diseases.

Traditional Kalinovka

Previously, for the manufacture of used moonshine, now pouring viburnum made from vodka or alcohol.


  • 2 kg of berries;
  • liter of alcohol;
  • 200 grams of sugar.

Viburnum berries are best collected after a few frosts. They will become sweeter, the bitterness will decrease, and the soft berry will give away the juice more easily. We remove the collected berries from the ridges, wipe them to clean them of dirt.

Tip! Wash berries can not be - they are natural yeast, which are responsible for the fermentation process.

Few berries, sprinkle them with sugar. They have to make juice. Let them wander for two days.

Attention! Mix the contents of the jar every 4 hours.

In the bottle, in which the liquor will be prepared, we lay out the berries and pour them with alcohol or vodka, put it in a dark place.

Every 3 days the liquid fraction should be poured into a separate dish, where it should stand for a day. During this time, the berries in the bottle should be mixed a couple of times. After 24 hours, pour the liquid part of the liquor back.

Tip! Shake the bottle of liquor daily.

To insist need about one and a half months. Then you can strain the brandy, but you can not do this, but it is very good to add berry syrup to it. It will taste better and acquire a rich berry flavor. Now it can be used as a medicine or just a strong alcoholic drink.

Kalinovaya liqueur

To get the finished product for this recipe, you will need to be patient, because it will take a long time for at least 4 months to draw inspiration from viburnum. But the highest quality is obtained after seven months of infusion. The recipe has no strict proportions. We do everything by eye.

We wash the berries and fill them up in a 3 l can without reaching the top by 1/3. The rest of the volume should be sugar. Pour alcohol - how much will. It is better if it is pure alcohol, but you can use vodka.

A warning! Close the jar should be very tight, so that alcohol does not evaporate.

Insist liquor needed in the dark. When the maturity of the drink is over, pour the liqueur, squeeze berries there and add sugar syrup to taste.

Pouring of puree of mash

Proportions for the preparation of a drink: 1 part of berry puree, the same amount of sugar and 2 times more alcohol. We pick the berries, remove them from the ridges, grind them using a meat grinder or a blender, and then wipe them additionally through a sieve. We spread berry puree in a container for infusion, we fall asleep the same amount of sugar by weight and pour 2 times more alcohol.

Tip! In order not to be mistaken, it is better to weigh the berry puree.

Insist pouring in a dark and cool place for about a month. After this period, the pouring filter. If you wish, the drink can be diluted with boiled water.

Viburnum with honey

The following recipe combines viburnum with honey, which enhances its healing properties.

The proportions for making such a liqueur are extremely simple. It is necessary to take in equal quantities honey, berries and alcohol. The fruits of viburnum, pounded with honey, must be kept for 24 hours. Then they should be poured with alcohol. Insist a couple of weeks.

Especially good liquefaction of viburnum helps with asthma and colds. It reduces the risk of seizures and prevents colds. If you suffer from hypertension, ulcers or gastritis, such tincture can greatly alleviate the condition.

Pouring of viburnum with lemon and honey

Adding lemon zest to the juice will give it citrus notes.

0.5 liters of vodka will require:

  • berries - 300g;
  • honey or sugar - 150 g;
  • rind of one lemon;
  • water - a glass.

Prepared berries we press so that the juice is formed. If you use sugar, you have to boil out syrup from it. Boil it for about 5 minutes, carefully removing the white foam.

When using honey, it is better to simply dilute it with boiled water, since heat treatment weakens its healing properties.

Mix crushed berries and honey or sugar syrup. My lemon. The smallest float gently remove from it the yellow skin - zest.

A warning! The inner white shell in the pouring should not fall, it can spoil the taste of the future drink.

Add to Kalina with sugar zest and add vodka. It is necessary to insist the future liqueur in warmth and darkness.

Shake the tincture bottle daily to improve the taste of the drink.

After 2 weeks it can be filtered and sent in bottles for storage.

Pouring of viburnum with sea buckthorn

In the following recipe, two very useful berries met at once: sea buckthorn and viburnum. Adding spices only enhances the healing effect. For this drink suitable both fresh and frozen and even dried berries.


  • berries of dry viburnum - 1 cup, fresh or frozen - 2 glasses;
  • sea ​​buckthorn - 1 cup;
  • 3 buds cloves;
  • a teaspoon of pink pepper and black peas;
  • 2 star star anise;
  • honey or sugar - 100 g;
  • vodka or alcohol - 2.5 liters.

The berries are slightly ground with sugar or honey. Let the mixture stand warm for 6-7 hours. We shift in a large bottle, we add all spices and we fill in alcohol. It is best to use alcohol.

Attention! Replacing pink and black pepper fragrant is not recommended.

The time of infusion depends on which berries were used: for fresh enough and one and a half months, for dry ones, more than three are needed.

Shake the bottle a couple of times a day.

Every 3 days we pour out the liquid part of the tincture and keep it for a day, the rest of the berries must be mixed. After aging the liquid is poured back.


Pouring viburnum - strong and tasty natural drink. But its main action is curative. Usually take it on a tablespoon 2 times a day.