Blueberry juice


Blueberry juice is a healthy and nutritious drink. It contains a sufficient amount of sugars (30%). The components of the drink are organic acids (malic, citric, oxalic, succinic, lactic, quinic), as well as tannins. The juice is rich in vitamins A, B, C, PP, H and various useful trace elements (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sodium, copper, iodine).

Important! For medicinal purposes, blueberry drink was actively used in the Middle Ages due to its unique chemical composition.

The benefits and harms of blueberry juice

Drink made from blueberries, in addition to the incredible taste and aroma, has a lot of useful properties. It is used by:

  • to improve vision;
  • to maintain immunity and increase hemoglobin;
  • for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (lowers blood pressure);
  • for the establishment of the gastrointestinal tract (effective for gastritis);
  • to improve the cognitive functions of the brain (memory restoration, the establishment of mental activity);
  • for the treatment of rheumatism, diseases of the liver and gallbladder due to its anti-inflammatory effect;
  • to regulate the menstrual cycle, relieve pain during critical days;
  • for lowering blood sugar levels (useful for diabetics);
  • for the treatment of diseases of the kidneys and bladder;
  • to remove toxins from the body;
  • to lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels;
  • for slim figure and rejuvenation (there is a juice diet).
  • to combat depression.

The benefits of blueberry juice is that it can heal the entire human body. But most often it is used to solve eye problems. Blueberry juice is very good for the eyes. He is able to:

  • improve visual acuity;
  • lead to a better adaptation of the eyes to twilight and night visibility;
  • prevent damage to the body by free radicals;
  • prevent the occurrence of cataracts;
  • improve blood supply to the eyeball;
  • treat retinal detachment and conjunctivitis;
  • have a positive effect on glaucoma;
  • protect your eyes and relieve fatigue.

Blueberry drinking can be harmful. You need to follow some rules:

  1. Use in moderation (excessive use of blueberries can cause problems with the stool).
  2. It is advisable not to combine blueberries with other berries (strawberries, strawberries, cloudberries).
  3. When preparing a useful liquid, do not use a large amount of sugar.
Attention! Before the use of blueberry juice for medicinal purposes should consult with your doctor.

The use of blueberry juice

Berry has a lot of useful properties. Moderate use of blueberry drink can actually restore the entire body, but in a comprehensive program with doctor-recommended drugs.

To recuperate it is necessary to drink 1 tbsp. blueberry liquid. She will give a burst of energy and lift your spirits for the whole day.

Many use blueberry juice for weight loss. In addition, the drink reduces appetite, it removes toxins from the body, helps reduce cholesterol and glucose, low-calorie. To achieve a positive result, it is necessary daily to add blueberry juice to drinking water.

It is proved that to improve memory, you need to drink 2.5 tbsp daily. drink. This program will help to stop the aging process of the body.

Important! In 1 tbsp. blueberry juice is the fourth part of the daily intake of vitamin C.

Berry preparation

Blueberry drink can be prepared from fresh or frozen raw materials. Before starting the process it is necessary to carefully sort the berry, removing garbage, leaves, branches, mold and insects. If the raw material is a little flat, then it can also be used for procurement.

It is necessary to thoroughly wash the blueberries. This is easy to do under cool running water, pouring the berry into a colander. Strongly dry the blueberries is not necessary, so you can immediately begin cooking a healthy drink.

Blueberry juice recipe for winter

There are different options for cooking blueberry juice.

Recipe for blueberry juice for the winter:

  1. Grind prepared blueberries (uses a choice of: a blender, meat grinder, juicer, a special press or hand-tolkushku).
  2. Strain the liquid through a sieve. Squeeze berry pulp, if you want to get a beautiful clean juice (as most housewives do). But many vitamins remain in the skins of blueberries, so if you leave it in a drink, it will be more useful with pulp.
  3. Drain the liquid in an enamel pot. Put on the fire.
  4. Warm up the drink to 80 ° C. Boil at this temperature for 15 minutes.
  5. Stir liquid regularly.
  6. Prepare glass jars and lids for seaming (wash with soda, sterilize).
  7. Pour into containers. Close the lids.
  8. Turn over. Wrap a warm veil to cool.
Attention! If there is an experience that the drink will stand badly, then it is worth adding a small amount of citric acid to it. Already closed cans of hot liquid can be further sterilized in boiling water for 15 minutes.

If desired, the yield of the workpiece can be increased:

  1. To do this, lower the pulp into a pan with an enamelled surface.
  2. Pour warm water. For 3-6 kg of raw material add 1 l.
  3. To stir thoroughly.
  4. Let it stand for 3 hours.
  5. Squeeze again.
  6. The second spin liquid is topped up with the initially obtained drink.
  7. Next, cook as described.

Some housewives use to make a drink prefab cooker. It is assembled from 4 parts:

  • lower water tank;
  • fluid collector (a tube comes out of it with a clip out);
  • capacity for laying raw materials;
  • cap.

Recipe for making blueberry juice in a juice cooker:

  1. Pour 2 liters of water into the bottom of the juice cooker. Boil.
  2. Put blueberries in a special container.
  3. To cover with a lid. Pay attention that the tube is blocked by a clip.
  4. With a large amount of raw materials, if the volume of berries decreases in a saucepan, fill them with fresh ones.
  5. If desired, a small amount of sugar can be added to the raw materials. The resulting juice will be sweeter.
  6. Cook for about 60 min. (time depends on the number of berries).
  7. Drain the liquid through the clamp-free tube into sterilized jars.
  8. Roll up the covers. Turn over. Wrap up
Important! Blueberry juice is usually prepared without the addition of sugar, as the composition of the berries is a large amount of natural sugars. That is why the drink is recommended for diabetics.

Calorie blueberry juice

The uniqueness of the blueberry drink is that, besides a number of useful properties, it is still low-calorie. The indicator is 38 kcal per 100 g of juice. Therefore, nutritionists recommend to include the drink in the diet of overweight people.


Blueberry juice actually has no contraindications. But giving it is not worth babies. Starting to enter the juice in the diet of the baby should be from 2 years of age. To do this, add to the drink a bit of natural honey for sweetness.

It is necessary to refuse the use of blueberry juice to people with personal intolerance to the product. According to statistics, this is a rare exception. Usually, this berry and juice prepared from it do not cause allergic reactions.

It is forbidden to use the drink to people suffering from biliary dyskinesia. This is due to the fact that the juice has a choleretic effect. In this case, the use of blueberry drink can lead to a person being unwell.

Terms and conditions of storage

For harvesting blueberry juice for the winter, glass jars with a volume of 1 liter or more are usually used. The product should be stored in a cool dark place. If you follow all the rules of preparation, the drink can stand in a closed container for a year.

In the winter, blueberry juice can be frozen in plastic bottles. To do this, ready to cool the drink poured into clean containers, not filling 3 cm to the top. This is due to the fact that the liquid in frozen form increases in volume. Tighten the cap tightly. Cleaned in storage in the freezer for the winter. Defrost juice stands naturally without using a microwave.

A warning! In no case can a glass container be used to freeze the juice, since it may burst from a low temperature.

Open juice containers should be stored only in the refrigerator. There he can stand for 3-4 days.


Blueberry juice is deservedly considered one of the most unique and healthy drinks. To prepare it for the winter is a snap. It will help improve the body, improve immunity, get out of depression.