How to store green tomatoes so they turn red at home


Most of our country is in the zone of risky farming. Heat-loving crops such as peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes completely give off the harvest of ripe fruits rarely. Usually you have to shoot unripe, and sometimes completely green tomatoes. Seasoned gardeners recommend to remove the fruit in the blanche ripeness, without waiting for complete redness, so that the plants have more strength for further fruiting. A special case is the massive disease of tomatoes late blight. The harmful fungus can destroy the crop in a matter of days. The tomatoes collected from such bushes, most likely, will be ill.

Ripening tomatoes with signs of phytophthora

Green tomatoes collected from diseased bushes, placed in a plastic box with holes, for example, from under the fruit and shed a few minutes with hot water with a temperature of about 60 degrees, dried and left to ripen. They need to be checked daily, removing the diseased.

With a little damage, you can use tomatoes to make salads. Recipes blanks with them a lot.

In order for the tomatoes removed to be well kept and fully ripened, you need to properly and timely pick them off the bush.

How to shoot tomatoes

  • During the season, harvest should be systematically, about once every 5 days, and more often in hot weather.
  • Cut tomatoes with scissors.

    This should be done very carefully. The slightest damage will lead to a rapid deterioration of the tomato.
  • Harvest time is morning until the tomatoes are heated by the sun. They must be dry without dew drops. It is not necessary to remove the stem from tomatoes, in order not to accidentally injure the fruit. Tomatoes are better served with stalks.
  • Low temperatures harm fruits, causing them to rot. If the night temperature in the open field is close to plus 5 degrees - it's time to shoot all the green tomatoes.
  • In the greenhouse, the temperature limit is higher - plus 9 degrees.

How to ripen green tomatoes at home

There are several proven methods. The optimum temperature for ripening is from 13 to 15 degrees, the humidity should be maintained at 80%.

Attention! The higher the temperature, the faster the tomatoes will ripen, but their quality will deteriorate as they lose a lot of water and will no longer be elastic.

Methods of ripening tomatoes


Selected tomatoes of medium and large size are laid out in 2-3 layers in a container, for example, in boxes or baskets. To avoid condensation, tomatoes shift with soft paper or peppered with sawdust. Reddened tomatoes are chosen, spoiled are removed. To do this, regularly conduct an audit of containers with tomatoes.

On the bushes

In the barn or another adapted, but always warm room, bushes of tomatoes, torn from the bed upwards, are suspended from the roots. Nutrients will flow from the roots to the top of the stem, contributing to the appearance of red fruits, but not only. Small tomatoes will gain weight and become larger.

You can do differently - prikopat bushes in a suitable warm room, maintaining a small humidity in the zone of the roots. The effect of this method will be no worse than the previous one.

Tip! For better ripening, bushes are dug out with a lump of earth.

In a stack

With a large number of tomato bushes cut them at the root and put in a pile. Putting them need tops to the center. Its height is not more than 60 cm. We warm the stack with straw mats. To check and collect red fruits, we carry out an audit of the pile every few days, choosing warm weather.

If you maintain a temperature of about 15 degrees and a humidity of about 80%, the full ripening of tomatoes will occur a maximum of 40 days. But there are ways to speed up this process without losing the quality of the tomatoes. How to make them more likely to blush?

How to accelerate ripening

To do this, they need to create the appropriate conditions. How to do it right? Tomatoes, especially the blank ripeness, ripen faster in heat and with access of light. Therefore, the best way is to put them on the windowsill, where the sunlight falls. There they blush well.

Attention! It is not advisable to mix tomatoes of different degrees of ripeness together. The best result is obtained if sorted them in advance.

It is known that tomatoes are well tolerated in the presence of ethylene gas. It is distinguished by all ripe vegetables and fruits. To increase the concentration of ethylene in the zone of ripening green tomatoes can be in the following ways:

  • put to them a few fully reddened tomatoes, the rest of the tomatoes should ripen faster;
  • add a couple of ripe bananas or red apples to green tomatoes, it will also allow them to ripen sooner;
  • inject 0.5 ml of vodka into each tomato; ethylene is released from ethyl alcohol inside a green tomato; the question of where to give the injection can be answered - best of all in the region of the stem.
Tip! Experienced gardeners are advised to cover immature tomatoes with a red rag. From this they blush better.

Very often, gardeners tend not to speed up, but to slow down the ripening of tomatoes, in order to prolong their consumption.

Tip! This is best done with late-ripening varieties specifically designed for storage.

How to slow down the ripening of tomatoes at home

  • To remove tomatoes in this case should only be green, but when they reach the size corresponding to the variety.
  • Keep boxes of fruit in a well-ventilated area and without access to light.
  • The temperature for completely green fruits is about 12 degrees, for brown ones - about 6 degrees, and for pink ones - even less, about 2 degrees.
  • Sort and pick ripe tomatoes often and regularly.
  • In the room where the fruits lie, you should monitor the humidity, it should not be above 85%, too low humidity is also bad, the fruits simply dry out.

If the harvest of tomatoes did not have time to ripen on the vine, do not get upset. Part of the tomatoes can be put up for processing, and the rest can be ripened, providing them with appropriate conditions. Ripened tomatoes are not much different in taste and useful properties from those that ripen on the vine. Well, greenhouse tomatoes do not compare with them.