How to apply granulated chicken droppings


When caring for plants, feeding is an important item. Growing a good crop without nutritional supplements is almost impossible. Any plants deplete the soil, so the introduction of mineral complexes and organic matter allows you to fill the deficit of necessary elements.

One of the first places among organic fertilizers, gardeners give chicken droppings. It is used for almost all crops grown on plots. But not always this component is available in the right quantities. A quality substitute for ordinary bird fertilizer will be granulated droppings, which is produced in the form of concentrate.

Benefits of Nutrient Concentrate

Chicken droppings in pellets has many advantages and is a weighty help for farmers. It is easy to purchase, but the concentrated form requires proper application. Therefore, it is important to know what chicken droppings are in pellets and how to use them so as not to harm the plants.

At first, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the beneficial qualities of granular fertilizer. The advantages of concentrate, which mark gardeners:

  1. Contains a complete set of macro and micronutrients needed by plants.
  2. Nutritional components are in optimal combination for the development of crops.
  3. The composition is environmentally friendly, natural and versatile in use. It can be used on any soil.
  4. It is a budget option for many summer residents. The production process involves the removal of moisture from natural material and subsequent pressing, so the fertilizer is produced in the form of a concentrate. This form allows you to economically spend litter.
  5. Washed out of the soil is much weaker than synthetic dressing.
  6. Increases crop yields, as well as the quality of fruits. According to farmers, after feeding plants with chicken droppings in granules, the fruit taste becomes richer and better.
  7. There is no sharp unpleasant smell. This feature is popular with many vegetable growers who find it difficult to work with specifically smelling substances.
  8. Long retains its nutritional properties. Within six months and more, the chemical composition of the concentrate remains the same.
  9. Does not contain viable weed seeds, larvae and pest eggs. This is a very important advantage of granulated chicken manure before fresh infusion.
  10. Not caking, not subject to spontaneous combustion, therefore does not require protection in the hot season.
  11. Fertilizer can be applied locally. In some cases, this is the only way to feed the plants. Suitable for mechanized method of feeding large areas.

In addition to these benefits, there are other important features of the concentrate, which need to be discussed.

Bird droppings contain 2-3 times more basic nutrients for plants than cow manure. It has a particularly high concentration of ammonia compounds, so fresh fertilizer is not applied in its pure form. From fresh bird droppings make an infusion, which is then again further diluted with water to a harmless concentration. Fertilizer from chicken manure in granules for liquid feeding will also need to be diluted in the ratio indicated by the manufacturer on the package and insisted during the day.

The composition of granular fertilizer

To properly assess the benefits of chicken manure in pellets, you need to familiarize yourself with its composition. According to the description of the manufacturers in 1 kg of fertilizer contains:

  • organic matter - 62%;
  • nitrogen - from 1.5% to 5%;
  • phosphorus - from 1.8% to 5.5%;
  • potassium - from 1.5% to 2%;
  • iron - 0.3%;
  • calcium - 1%;
  • magnesium - 0.3%.

The granulated bird droppings also contain trace elements necessary for plants to grow and bear fruit. In 1 kg of concentrate:

  • manganese - 340 mg;
  • sulfur - 40 mg;
  • zinc - 22 mg;
  • copper - 3.0 mg;
  • boron - 4.4 mg;
  • cobalt - 3.3 mg;
  • molybdenum - 0.06 mg.

The unique composition allows the culture to provide quality nutrition during the growing season.

Important! When using granulated concentrate in fruits, the amount of nitrates does not increase.

Fertilizer is very effective in its action, the main thing is to know the rules for its use.

Recommendations for the use of bird droppings in granules

Manufacturers supply packaging fertilizer with detailed instructions on the use of the substance.

Industrial and private cultivation of crops differ in scale, so the recommendations in these cases are different.

Farmers agronomists advise a specific method of using granulated chicken manure. On an industrial scale, it will be more effective to apply fertilizer under arable land or locally at the time of planting. A separate recommendation for farmers is the combination of granulated chicken manure with potash mineral fertilizers. This increases its effectiveness. If the organic concentrate is used as the main food, then the necessary proportions should be observed:

  1. Cereals and beans enough 300-800 kg per 1 ha area.
  2. Winter cereals require from 500 kg to 1 ton on the same area.
  3. Spring crops are fed 1-2 tons per 1 hectare.
  4. Corn and sunflower are fed in smaller quantities - no more than 1.5 tons per hectare.
  5. Root and pumpkin need about 3 tons per 1 ha.

If the fertilizer is used locally, then the indicated dose is reduced by one third.

A good effect is provided by pasture fertilization with granulated bird droppings after mowing grass at a rate of 700 kg per 1 hectare.

Important! In industrial cultivation, specialist advice is required to calculate the amount of fertilizer, taking into account the composition of the soil.

For summer residents, it is more convenient to use chicken manure granules as a water infusion or in dry form. It is also relevant recommendation to add potassium sulfate at the time of feeding. It is very useful for root vegetables and onions.

Regarding onions or garlic feedings, you need to clarify. During the period of active growth of culture, the granules should not be used. But since the beginning of the growing season, the result of feeding will exceed all expectations.

Therefore, before June, onion ridges it is better to use other fertilizers.

Concentrate Application Rules

Bird droppings in pellets have a neutral pH (7.0), therefore it is suitable for almost all cultures. In addition to plant nutrition, it improves the composition of the soil, contributes to the development of humus. There are certain rules on how to use granulated chicken manure in the dacha plots as a fertilizer for plants. The effect is best when:

  1. Filling the soil at the time of digging or plowing. Dry granules are mixed with the soil, digging the plot to a depth of 10 cm. The optimal dose for vegetable ridges is 15 kg per one hundred square meters. After digging the area to shed water.
  2. Adding granules to the wells when planting or sowing. This method requires care. The fertilizer granules are placed on the bottom of the hole and sprinkled with earth, so that they do not come into contact with the roots of seedlings or seeds of crops.
  3. Local making. This option is suitable when working with agricultural machinery, but it is necessary to ensure that the depth of the roots and fertilizer does not coincide. Agronomists advise soak pellets of chicken manure before laying.
  4. Watering. Indoors, the use of a solution of granulated chicken manure is most effective. First, the substance is soaked in water for a day. The proportions of the components are 1:50, if you need to water young plants. For adult trees, shrubs and vegetable crops, the ratio of water and fertilizer is 1: 100. To feed the young infusion seedlings further diluted 1:10. The optimal dose for a single plant is from 0.5 l to 1 l, the variability is due to the age and size of the culture.

There are practical recommendations on how to use granulated chicken manure. Berry and fruit crops are more convenient to feed by pouring from 5 to 7 liters of solution per 1 square meter to the near-stem or near-bite area. meter. Do it in the first half of the growing season. And on the strawberry ridges you need to lay the grooves between the rows and water in the amount of 7 liters per 1 meter. Best of all, plants react to a double feeding - in spring and after picking berries. In this case, the dose of the nutrient solution is halved.


The concentrate has been used for several years, and many gardeners have tried it on their sites. Reviews of vegetable growers about granulated chicken litter are always based on experience, and therefore very useful.

Svetlana Boronova, Belgorod region Granulated bird droppings began to be used because there is no bird on the site. I try to fertilize the garden with organic. I like the fact that there is no caustic unpleasant smell and fertilizer can be stored for a long time. The most convenient methods for me were watering the plants with infusion and adding granules for digging. I also add potassium and phosphorus at the recommended time. The yield at the site has increased significantly, the plants are strong and healthy. It is important to carefully read the instructions and not to overdose the concentrate, the plants do not like it.

Ivan Grigoriev, Voronezh Region. The use of bird droppings pellets turned out to be very beneficial for me. At the cottage problems with water. The concentrate absorbs water well, and then slowly gives it to plants. Got double benefit. And the plants fed and from drought, they do not suffer much. I bring in only soaked granules.

Expert opinion on the useful concentrate: