Lemon giant tomato: photo + reviews


Find a person who does not like tomatoes is very difficult. Tomato gourmets believe that yellow fruits have the most exquisite taste. Of them are preparing fresh salads, mashed potatoes, juices and original sauces. In the article we will get acquainted with an amazing large-fruited variety of yellow tomatoes “Giant lemon”.

Description and main characteristics of yellow tomato

Variety "Giant Lemon" fascinates lovers of exotic tomatoes with its fruits. They are bright lemon-colored, beautifully shaped, large and very tasty. Therefore, having tried the tomatoes for the first time, I want to grow them on my own plot. In addition, tall plants are very decorated with its decorative area.

In order not to disappoint the result, before planting, you need to familiarize yourself with the characteristics and requirements of the agricultural machinery of the original large-fruited tomatoes:

  1. Tall variety refers to the average maturity.
  2. The method of growing. Tomatoes "Lemon Giant" are planted both in open ground and in greenhouses. In the open ground, large-fruited tomatoes are a bit smaller, but the number of fruits is greater than in greenhouse cultivation.
  3. The type of bush is indeterminate. The leaves on the plant grows slightly. In the greenhouse, the bushes of tall, large-fruited tomatoes reach a height of 2.5 meters, so gardeners need to form stems and tie up powerful plants. For proper formation will require regular stading bushes. In the open ground, they will be lower, but without tying and staving the variety Lemon Giant may not meet the expectations of the grower.
  4. Fruit. Large, multichamber, ribbed, the weight of one tomato with good care reaches 700-900 grams. The color of the tomatoes is lemon yellow saturated. The flesh is not watery, but juicy and sweet, with hints of lemon flavor. Tomato peel is durable, but not dense, thanks to it the fruits do not crack. Green Tomatoes “Lemon Giant” ripen in room temperature conditions without losing their taste.
  5. Nutritional value is high. Fruits contain an adequate amount of vitamin C and beta-carotene to nourish the human body. Useful variety in the diet, with avitaminosis and colds.

The general parameters of tall, large-fruited tomatoes help assess the capabilities of the site and the summer resident for growing crops. But in addition to these indicators, it is important to know all the pros and cons of the original variety.

The advantages and disadvantages of tomato

In addition to the description, photos and recommendations of the manufacturer, reviews of vegetable growers are considered the main source of information about the variety. Those who grew this variety in their own area, highlight the following advantages:

  • large-fruited, very pleasant taste and aroma of tomatoes;
  • high stable yield with proper care;
  • the nutritional value of tomatoes;
  • good keeping quality and transportability of large-fruited tomatoes;
  • plants rarely get sick with enough attention.

Gardeners point out some of the disadvantages of large-fruited tomatoes, although it would be easier to attribute them to varietal characteristics:

  1. Demanding tall tomato to watering mode. Solanaceae are sensitive to the quality and quantity of moisture. Therefore, in order to get a good harvest, it is necessary to water large-fruited varieties of tomatoes competently.
  2. Demand for food. Large-fruited tomato "Lemon giant" will not show their qualities without good nutrition. Gardeners should be familiar with the schedule of fertilizing varieties.
  3. Demanding soil fertility. On a poor land, a tall tomato will not be able to demonstrate varietal large-fruited and yield. Tomatoes will be smaller, and the number of fruits on the bush will be much lower.

If we consider the disadvantages from a different angle, then we can say that these are the usual requirements of elite tomatoes. To get extraordinary fruits, you have to work hard.

Agrotechnics growing seedlings

Tomatoes of middle-ripening large-fruited varieties are recommended to be grown by seedling, especially in regions with a cool climate.

Do not use fresh seeds for sowing. Take 2-3 years old to increase the germination rate.

The date of sowing is determined by several criteria:

  • climatic features of the region;
  • weather conditions of the current year;
  • the date of the proposed landing in the ground;
  • recommendations of the lunar sowing calendar.

This is usually the period of the first half of March.

Important! Before sowing, be sure to soak the seeds of large-fruited tomatoes in a growth stimulator solution for 12 hours.

The second important action with planting material is disinfection. Seeds of tall tomatoes 10-15 minutes kept in a solution of potassium permanganate or hydrogen peroxide. Then dried and proceed to sowing.

Fertile soil and containers are prepared in advance. The soil and container are also necessarily disinfected before sowing the seeds of tall tomatoes. If it is not possible to prepare the soil mixture by yourself, then it is safer to buy ready-made soil in a specialized store. It should be easy so that the tomato seedlings do not suffer from stagnant moisture. After all, the quality of the grown seedlings of tomatoes directly determines the yield of the large-fruited variety “Giant Lemon”.

The containers are filled with soil mixture, level the top layer and make grooves 2 cm deep. They place the seeds of tall, large-fruited tomatoes and sprinkle them with earth. It is desirable to moisten the soil in advance so as not to water after sowing the seeds. It is only necessary to slightly sprinkle the grooves with water from a spray bottle, protecting the seeds of large-fruited tall tomatoes from leaching.

Now you need to cover the container with a film to maintain humidity and the desired temperature. The ideal temperature for sprouting tall large-fruited tomatoes "Lemon Giant" is 24 ° C - 25 ° C.

As soon as the first sprouts appear on the soil surface, the container is transferred to a place with good lighting.

Caring for tomato seedlings is watering, nutrition, picking and prevention.

Dive seedlings of large-fruited tomatoes can be twice. In this way, they stimulate the formation of a powerful root system in tall varieties of tomatoes. The first time the procedure is carried out in the phase of unfolding the first pair of true leaves. Re-seedlings are transplanted in 2 weeks.

Important! Take care not to damage the plant root system at the time of the picking.

Planting tall tomatoes in the greenhouse is prescribed for the second decade of May. Pre-set trellis for garters tall large-fruited tomato "Lemon Giant". At a permanent place the plants are planted according to the recommended scheme. On 1 square meter of space place no more than 3 bushes of large-fruited tomatoes.

Mature tomato care

Regardless of where the large-fruited tall tomatoes “Giant Lemon” are grown, they require formation, garters and pasynkovaniya.

Form plants in 1-2 stalks. For outdoor use, formation in 2 stems is suitable, in greenhouses it is better in one. This helps to avoid the thickening of tall plants. The lower leaves and lateral shoots are removed.

Tying up plants is necessary. Large-fruited tall variety "Lemon Giant" is famous for its yield, so the stems need help in retaining brushes.

Fertilizing tall large-fruited varieties are needed. It is necessary to make complex mineral fertilizers three times during the growing season. Nitrogen components can be introduced with organic compounds, potash - with wood ash. Additionally, the bushes are sprayed on the sheet with a complex of microelements.

Pinching is another agrotechnical nuance for those who want to get very large fruits. It allows you to adjust the yield of large-fruited tall tomatoes of the "Lemon Giant" variety. After the third brush, the shoot is pinched, and no more than 2 fruits are left in the brush. In this case, the tomatoes grow to gigantic sizes.

Watering plentiful, but not frequent. Water is taken warm and watered in the evening.

Pests and diseases

Large-fruited cultivar "Lemon Giant" is famous for resistance to viral and fungal infections, verticillosis, and fusarium. Preventive tillage before planting will allow even more reliable to protect plants from disease. In the greenhouse, the soil is disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate, Fitosporin, copper sulphate. This procedure will also help reduce the number of larvae of pests that harm the large-fruited tomatoes. “Lemon giant” - scoop, whitefly. When insects invade, insecticides or folk compositions are used.

It is important to observe the humidity and temperature conditions indoors to prevent problems.


Tomatoes “Giant Lemon” is a very popular and favorite variety of vegetable growers, so they willingly share their reviews and photos.

Elena Frolova, Belgorod region Large-fruited tomato "Lemon giant" is grown every year. The taste is unique. I use it not only in salads, but I also make sauces and juices. Other varieties do not give such a savory taste. A few bushes are enough for a family. In the care is quite unpretentious, when compared with other tall tomatoes. Viktor Emelyanov, Kursk I grow a large-fruited tomato "giant lemon" in the greenhouse and in the open. Greenhouse bushes grow in order to get large fruits for sale and salads. And in the open ground grow for conservation. The care is normal, as for tall varieties. The tomato is resistant to diseases, so I do not do many treatments. It is only necessary to necessarily disinfect the soil in the greenhouse and when sowing seeds for seedlings.