Tomato Scarlet Candles: Characteristics and Description of the Variety


Sometimes with the inventing of interesting names of tomato varieties it happens that the breeder wants the best, but it turns out as always. The name of the tomato variety Scarlet candles is very romantic, and besides, the tomatoes in their form really resemble burning candles. But ... after all, the colors of the tomatoes in this variety are pink! Meanwhile, the buyer, having read only one name of the variety, is convinced that they should be red, and complains that he was again deceived with the seeds. And there is no deception - just figurative thinking of the authors-breeders slightly let them down in this particular case.

However, many other characteristics of the tomato Scarlet candles in the description of the variety, given by the manufacturer, more or less correspond to reality. In this article you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the characteristics of this variety, and with a photo of its fruits, and with reviews of those who at least once raised it in their plot.

Variety description

Tomato Scarlet Candles were bred by joint efforts of famous Siberian breeders VN Dederko. and Postnikova OV, who donated to the farmers already many remarkable varieties of tomato. In 2007, this variety was officially included in the State Register of Breeding Achievements of Russia with recommendations for cultivation in all regions of Russia, both under film and in conditions of open ground.

Plants belong to the indeterminate type, that is, theoretically their growth is unlimited, but in practice it can be inhibited only by the roof of a greenhouse or a set of nutrients present in the soil. Shrubs Scarlet candles really grow tall, up to 1.8-2 meters, very powerful, well leafy. True, they become closer to the middle of summer.

Comment! Many gardeners in their reviews say that the seedlings of these tomatoes look pretty sickly and develops not fast.

But after the end of flowering with good care the bushes look very picturesque. The variety has a peculiarity - the stepchildren practically do not deviate to the sides, but grow almost in parallel with the main stem. And the tomatoes ripen on the hands, each of which can be from 3-4 to 6-7 fruits. Therefore, with proper garter, garlands of tomatoes are placed around the whole bush. Producers promise that Scarlet Tomatoes tomato has another positive feature - the ability to tie fruit with almost 100% result in any conditions, both in individual brushes, and on different tiers.

Of course, such a tall, powerful bush needs a mandatory garter and formation, that is, the removal of stepsons. Usually use a formation of 2-3 stem. In colder regions with insufficient light, it is advisable to keep these tomatoes in one stem, carefully removing all extra stepchildren.

Producers claim that the variety of tomato Scarlet candles is medium, that is, 105-115 days pass from germination to the appearance of ripe fruits. Many gardeners in their reviews note some late maturity of tomato Scarlet candles and therefore attribute it more likely to mid-season, and even to late-ripening.

Another outstanding characteristic of this tomato is its yield. In a greenhouse with plants of this variety of tomato, you can get up to 12-15 kg of tomatoes per square meter. In the open field, the yield may be lower, but still worthy of respect.

Attention! The variety is characterized by a length of fruiting - the first ripe tomatoes can be harvested in August, and the latter continue to be tied up and ripen even in October, right up to frost.

The manufacturer says nothing about resistance to disease. But the reviews of gardeners in this respect are rather favorable - many note the resistance of the tomato Scarlet candles to blight, and the tomatoes themselves do not crack either on the branches or after harvesting. When growing tomatoes in greenhouses, many are faced with an unpleasant disease - brown spot (cladosporia). This variety of tomato is resistant to this disease. In addition, it is not prone to defeat top rot, which is already quite surprising for tomatoes of this form.

Characteristics of tomatoes

Fruits of a tomato Scarlet candles have an original form - they are elongated in the form of a cylinder, while the tomatoes taper towards the end and they are characterized by a small spout. As a result, their appearance really resembles, or a burning candle, or an icicle that has begun to melt.

At the same time, the fruits themselves are plump, with a dense and smooth skin that, if desired, is easily removed. The flesh is quite fleshy, retains its shape in cans, even if the peel accidentally bursts.

Ripened tomatoes have a pronounced pink color and bright tomato taste and aroma.

Important! The taste characteristics of fruits are assessed perfectly, tomatoes can even be called sugar.

Their taste can be enjoyed fresh, tasted directly from the bush, and they are very good in salads, because they do not flow, keeping their shape.

The sizes of tomatoes are average; tomatoes have a mass of from 100 to 130 grams. This allows you to use them anywhere. They are excellent for pickling and pickling. And the dense flesh makes them very suitable for drying, drying and freezing.

Advantages and disadvantages

Tomato Scarlet Candles has a number of advantages that allowed it to gain popularity among many gardeners:

  • Attractive and unusual appearance of tomatoes.
  • Sweet, great fruit taste.
  • Excellent fruit setting in any conditions, and as a result - high yields.
  • Stretching fruiting.
  • Universality of use of tomatoes.
  • Resistance to many diseases and adverse environmental factors.

At the same time, the variety can have some drawbacks:

  • Thin stems in combination with a powerful growth force require constant bush formation and care.
  • Fruit ripening is prolonged.

Features of growing

Seeds of this variety of tomatoes can be sown on seedlings approximately 60-65 days before the planned planting dates for a permanent place. Under the conditions of the middle lane, this will fall in the middle - second half of March, when it comes to cultivation in open ground. In the southern regions or when planting in a greenhouse, seedlings can begin to grow before, you should just not forget about the additional lighting of young plants. For Siberia, the sowing dates, on the contrary, are shifted by the end of March so that the seedlings do not outgrow by the time they land in open ground.

If you grow up to 5-10 bushes, then you can sow them immediately in separate containers, in order not to dive the seedlings, but simply to load the grown plants into large pots. If you are going to grow a lot of plants of this variety, then it would be better to first sow the seeds in a common container, and then, after the emergence of two true leaves, pick out the tomatoes in separate cups.

When planting seedlings in the ground at a permanent place, no more than 3-4 plants should be placed on one square meter. In order not to get lost in the branches of the intensively growing tomato bush, it is advisable to immediately construct horizontal trellis made of wire or thick twine. They need to regularly, as they grow, tie up tomato bushes. Scarlet candles. All extra stepchildren are also checked and removed at intervals of at least twice a week.

Attention! It is desirable that the stepchildren do not have time to stretch in length more than 10 cm, otherwise for plants their removal will be an additional stress.

Feeding and watering should be carried out regularly, at least once a week. In the heat, you may need daily watering. If possible, it is better to mulch bushes with straw or other organic material so that watering can be carried out less frequently. Mulching can also help in weed control.

Reviews gardeners

Reviews of those who grew tomato Scarlet candles in their gardens for at least one season are positive. The taste of tomatoes satisfy absolutely everyone, many say resistance to a variety of diseases.

Pavel, 36 years old, Noginsk, I plant a tomato Scarlet candles every year. I really like the sweet, fleshy icicles that grow in the greenhouse and in the open field. On the beds, the yield is only slightly lower, but otherwise there is almost no difference. And what else I like, in the greenhouse, this variety successfully withstands brown spot, while many other varieties of tomatoes do not stand up to fighting it.

Natalya, 39 years old, Omsk, I love tomatoes from the Siberian Garden, but I put the Scarlet candles for the first time last year. I was unpleasantly surprised that out of five seeds only 2 plants grew, and even then the seedlings were frail. Even after landing in the ground of the greenhouse, it developed very slowly. Only by the end of the summer I finally waited for the tomatoes. True, I really liked the taste, so I will try to grow again, including from my seeds.

Love, 42, NovosibirskTomat Scarlet candles have been grown for more than three years. They are in my favorites. Judge for yourself: they take up a bit of space, plant it after 25 cm and form into two stems; sugar, even those that ripen in a room on the table; fruitful - knit up to 10-11 brushes in any weather. They are very good at salting, especially if they are placed in the same jar with the Golden Fish (yellow). In salads, too, do not fall apart, you can cut into pieces of any shape.

Nadezhda, 47 years old, Kaluga region. I really liked the tomatoes. Scarlet candles. So cute, productive and very tasty. And so to eat well, and for preservation, they are great. That's just for some reason pink, they grew up in me, not red.

Tatiana, 39 years old, Bryansk This year, due to the large number of varieties of tomato, Scarlet Candles somehow got lost. He did not have enough space in the greenhouse and under the shelters - they were grown in the open ground with 20 other varieties. At first she was stewing, after landing on the beds, she hadn’t done anything with him. Only tied to the supports and everything. In August, when they were harvesting other varieties, greens appeared in Scarlet candles on tomatoes here and there — they thought that they had not yet fully ripened. But the taste fascinated him all - an unusual such. The most important thing is that when at the end of August the tomato plantings were attacked by phytophthora, only 4 varieties managed to resist it. Scarlet candles were one of these varieties.


The Scarlet Candle tomato, despite its relative youth, has already managed to win the hearts of many gardeners with its yield, delicious taste and resistance to many common diseases of tomatoes.